garden compost vegetable When starting an organic vegetable garden, you have to take into account a few things. For instance, to have healthy vegetables, make sure you choose the right ones to grow. It might sound strange and even a little weird to some, but many people choose to plant the vegetables they like, not the vegetables they can grow properly. You should always ensure the vegetables you intend to grow work with the soil and weather where you live. Otherwise, you might end up with lousy crops and a whole lot of effort for nothing. 

Another thing you should know about having healthy vegetable beds is to rotate your vegetables. Some vegetables drain the soil of nutrients, while others help replenish nutrients without added fertilizers. It is important not to plant the same veggies more than twice in the same spot. You can go online and research which vegetables can be rotated this way. There are a lot of resources you can find and a lot of groups that can help you figure out which veggies best go where and when. The important thing is to keep it all organic and use a really good garden compost.