EKO-Compost-NEW-whiteWith the first freeze of the year fast approaching, it’s time to begin to prepare for next season. Once your plants are removed from the garden and the area has cleared of debris, apply a couple inches of EKO or Nature’s Yield Compost and turn it in to your existing soil. This can be done either with a shovel for smaller areas, or a tiller if that is more appropriate.

Another good thing to do is to plant Annual Ryegrass this fall. It stays green all winter and can be tilled in the spring to add some natural nutrients to the soil. During the growing season your garden soil is gradually depleted of nutrients, and this easy step will greatly improve the vitality of your soil for next year. It germinates quickly, stays green all winter and provides a nice cover. And, as the name implies it grows for only one season.

For more answers, see https://therichlawncompany.com/ask-the-plant-doc/.