garden slow release fertilizerArid climates make the life of gardeners and homeowners who have green fingers much harder. While having a lush, green, thriving and spectacular garden in such areas is more difficult and requires much more work, having a flourishing landscape is not impossible – here are some planting tips:

  • Choosing the right plants – large plant varieties that have shallow root systems cannot go down sufficiently deep to supply the moisture for the entire plant, therefore they will be always dependent on irrigation. Choose small plants, instead – there are many spectacular varieties available. Check the labels on the plants or ask the expert at your local gardening soil to recommend you the right species;
  • Prepare the soil – the softer the soil, the stronger the roots that your plant grows, so the first thing to do before you even start thinking of the varieties to plant is to break the hard surface and to turn around the soil. That is the best time to fertilize the soil with some sort of natural slow release fertilizer, such as manure or compost;
  • Use gravel in or around your flower beds – the small stones are great for keeping in any moisture, it prevents erosion and it can also be used for creating a very attractive, manicured landscape in your yard or garden.