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It may come as no surprise that fruit trees in your orchard may look as delicious to birds as they appear to you. So you may be in need of some tips to keep your fruit trees safe from such attackers. Although they seem cute, birds can actually destroy your fruit crop before you have any chance of tasting it. The thing about birds is that they typically get used to control methods. Thus, you can only use one control method at a time.

One excellent method is to cover your fruit trees with bird netting. You must make sure that the fruit is tucked inside the net and not too close to it, because birds can have their way of reaching out to it. Another good method would be to install a frame around the tree and place the net over it.

Balloons with painted eyes on them can be another good trick to keep birds away. Birds can think that those balloons are actually big, predator birds, and therefore refrain from damaging your crop.

Another often efficient method is to simply provide some other food for the birds, such as seeds or corn, inside your yard. In case you offer them alternative food, birds may feel less willing to attack your fruit trees.  For more on outdoor plant, trees and lawn care look at