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With the warming of the weather, unwanted insects appear in your yard. What to do when you cannot get rid of them and your lawn and garden are invaded by different creatures living in the earth or flying around? How to keep insects away organically, without using harmful chemicals, which are primarily strong allergens?

Here are some tips, based on natural organic lawn care solutions, which can help you solve your insect problem:

The first step against insects: keep your yard clean!

Make sure there are no crumbs on the ground or fallen fruit that many insects are irresistibly attracted to and when one has detected the smell, an entire army follows it to the food source.

Prepare natural and organic anti-insect solutions

Baking powder, lemon, mint and fresh garlic are some examples of things that insects living on the soil do not like. As for the flying insects, it is useful to know that many do not tolerate walnut leaves and smoke.

Planting aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary or basil in your yard is another option to keep unwanted insects away. Also, spray the affected plants or areas of the lawn with an aromatic mixture of clove essential oil, lemon juice and water.