Lawn & Gardening Tips

Whether you are doing agriculture for a few generations in your family and you can be considered a pro, or you are just a hobbyist who grows in a garden some veggies to eat in the summer, the things you cultivate must grow in a soil rich in mineral elements,obtained by application of organic soil treatments and fertilizers.

A growth stimulator helps plants have a proper vegetation rhythm according to their needs. If we take good care of the vegetables in our garden, they will absorb better the mineral elements.

An agricultural year involves many treatments, and the fertilization of vegetables involves more options; as such, we need to know what kind of fertilization we want to achieve.

We must start at the very beginning of the agricultural season. During this time, we need to use organic fertilizers. These treatments will be applied to light soils and types of vegetables that can be planted later, in the end of April-May. The only recommendation is that the treatment is done at the same time with soil work such as harrowing or seeding.  You can also apply notable best lawn fertilizer product at this time as well.

Another way to fertilize vegetables is to put fertilizer directly into the nests of the plants. Fertilization of vegetables should be done no more than twice a year, in order to be effective