Use Chicken Manure For Green GrassDeciding to fertilize your lawn using only natural materials will not only reduce the costs related to lawn maintenance – it will also improve the quality of the lawn, making it more beautiful as well as more resistant to illnesses and to harsh weather. Here is how to do it right:

  • Aerate your lawn – any fertilization process should start with lawn aeration. Choose a day after a shower or water your soil a bit to make the aeration process easier and more efficient. Aeration is practically the process of poking holes or turning over the soil in order to improve air penetration and it can be done either manually or with an aeration machine;
  • Spread the organic fertilizer – you can use organic matter such as chicken manure fertilizer bought in a garden store, compost obtained from a nearby farm or the compost that you make in your household. If you decide to use your own fertilizer, take a large bin and use it to collect any organic waste, such as fruit and vegetable peals and eggshells, that you produce in your home. If you have poultry, you can also add their waste to the bin. Turn over the matter regularly and be patient – good compost can take up to a year to ferment;
  • Spread the natural fertilizer on the grass in a layer that is up to one inch thick, then rake the organic matter into your lawn.