Fertilize Lawn Bring Plants Indoors

With the approach of winter and the decrease of temperatures, most of the plants enter their vegetative phase. Although this phase is a normal physiological process, many of the outdoor plant species need our intervention to protect them in winter and to prevent them from freezing.

If we move plants indoors we must consider certain aspects.

  • We must remove the dry and diseased leaves, as well as the dead wooden parts. If parasites are identified on a plant, it must be treated. Never bring in plants that have parasites!
  • Indoors, these plants must be initially placed in adaptation areas, on the balcony or in cool halls and gradually accustomed with the temperature they will remain in, during winter.
  • As about light, deciduous plants may be placed in a darker area, but the evergreens need light. Also, the warmer the place, the more light the plants need.

When should you bring the plants indoors for the winter?

The basic rule is to bring them in as late as possible and take them back out as early as possible. Plants are better outdoors than indoors; we must only make sure they will not freeze, that`s all. Moderate frost (up to -5 ° C) can be tolerated by resistant plants.  Be sure to note when to fertilize lawn in Colorado as that will make your grass very healthy come next Spring.