compost and organic fertilizer

Very soon it will be time to get back in the garden, but until then, you can satisfy the urge by starting seeds in the house or apartment etc. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

Select your seeds from your local or garden center, or if you prefer, it’s not too late to get them on-line if you hurry.
Purchase a planting tray with 6 packs for easy seedling removal. Preferably a tray with a clear dome to retain humidity.

Fill cells three-quarters full with a good soil mix like EKO Organic

Place one or two seeds in each cell on top of the soil

Cover the seed and lightly press down so it has firm contact with the soil

Water using a mist type sprayer. Avoid a direct stream of water which could dislodge the seed

Place the tray in a bright sunny location, or under a gro-light.

Rotate the tray so the light is distributed from all sides. Otherwise plants will lean to one side or the other.

Keep the seeds moist until germination will occur in just a few days.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your plants!!