ECO Farming The Richlawn Company ProductsThe use of organic fertilizer really took off in recent years as more and more farmers prefer to go green and switch to eco-farming. Aside from the fact that it provides adequate and ample amounts of slowly decomposing complex nutrients that your garden will simply love, organic fertilizers can also improve your soil and even enrich it to the point where it produces healthier and stronger growth over time.


Manure (typically goat and cow excrement) is used pretty often because of its efficiency and the fact that it’s 100% natural. This type of fertilizer most often results in enriching the soil with a variety of important elements and nutrients that are not found in such abundance in other types of fertilizers.


Rock phosphate has been used more frequently in recent years, and it does a great job especially for helping with the growth of plants that require greater amounts of phosphate minerals – such as annual plants which require a full year to grow, reproduce and perish.


Various seaweed extracts are also used in eco-farming, and have been found to product excellent results. These organic fertilizers are slightly on the more expensive side, but they can be used long term on everything from common herbs to vegetables and flowers. These fertilizers are typically slow-release, solid organic fertilizers that you don’t have to use too often as you can see