Lawn And Plant Doctor Advice

Although most experts will recommend that you clear all debris from your lawn before the winter comes, some consider that the presence of autumn leaves can actually be beneficial. The protection that various types of leaves can sometimes offer to the soil that grows your lawn and keeps your grassroots safe in the winter can be quite impressive to say the least:


  • As they fall, the leaves from your yard form a kind of protective carpet that can help keep your grass and grass roots safe from the cold and freeze, especially as it sets in rather fast at the end of November.
  • In some cases, leaves can also be used to feed your grass roots and to be added to your soil as fertilizer.
  • Another reason to keep a thicker layer of leaves is that they can prevent the need to aerate your lawn. Usually, the cold winter temperatures might cause the soil to contract, which would smother the grass roots and even lead to their demise. A layer of autumn leaves can offer a certain degree of protection, while still allowing essential air and water to make its way to your soil, sometimes even ensuring that you don’t need to aerate it anymore.  For more lawn expert advice, see