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Most people are familiar with the fact that for a healthy, gorgeous lawn you need to be familiar with details such as the soil’s pH. This refers to the level of acidity or alkalinity for a certain soil. pH is important due to the fact that it is related to some lawn food factors that highly influence the plants’ growth, such as the nutrients’ availability, the bacteria in the soil, the structure of the soil, the toxic elements, etc.


In order to increase a soil’s pH, lime or dolomite is typically employed. The level of acidity can affect the plants’ capacity to absorb nutrients from the ground. In fact, pH typically stands for “potential hydrogen”, and it is related to the quantity of hydrogen found in soil. The more the amount of hydrogen in the soil, the more acidic that soil is. On the other hand, a soil which is poorer in hydrogen tends to be less acidic.


In case your garden’s soil is too acidic, it can have a retarding effect on the development of plant’s roots. The best way to find out about the level of pH can be by using a standard test. Depending on the acidity level of your soil you can choose your plants wisely.