The Grass Is Always Greener Richlawn Organic Fertilizer Products

A velvety, emerald green lawn is the dream of every home owner. However, mowing and wetting alone will not ensure such a beautiful appearance – for it to grow and enjoy an intense color, your lawn must be healthy and nourished.

What does lawn fertilization actually mean? – Nothing but increasing the fertility of the soil, so that the grass grows and develops optimally. In general, the process consists of the use of fertilizers and/ or irrigation. Lawn needs at least 16 essential elements for healthy growth, but rarely is the soil fertile enough to provide all of them.

Organic lawn fertilization has many advantages. It improves the physic & chemical properties and water relations of the soils and protects the lawn against unfavorable climatic conditions. Natural organic fertilizers also contribute to the accumulation of humus in the soil and stimulate the activity of microorganisms. This is especially important when lawns are located on sandy soils, very light and not very fertile. When using an organic fertilizer, there is no risk of over-fertilizing the lawn, as they provide the plants with a balanced dose of necessary macro and microelements, and the amount of minerals released from them regulates natural processes.

These fertilizers, which come from plant and animal sources, release nutrients slowly to feed the grass, while promoting soil health.