Top Soil And Garden Soil DifferencesFor those who may not be too familiar with the texture and composition of soil, we must specify that soil is not just dirt. They may look similar, but the difference is significant. Dirt is just small rock particles and it is pretty much sterile. On the other hand, compost for plants is the organic matter that sustains life. The soil is a cupel where things grow, die, decompose and supports another growth. Soil has different microorganisms as well as organic matter that sustain many kinds of plant life.

In this context, how can we make the difference between these two types of soil? Or… is there any difference?

Yes, there is a fine distinction between them, which is based on the amount of organic matter each of them contain. Top soil is general purpose. It is the soil typically installed in bulk for landscaping and other purposes. Contrarily, garden soil has a higher quality, because it is compost enriched. Garden soil is best suited for actual plant growth, being less compact and very rich in nutrients needed by the plants in order to grow healthy. It is more expensive than top soil, but provides much better long-term results.