grass fertilizer lawn food organicIn order to have a beautiful lawn, it is necessary to carry out some periodic works, including fertilization, with the help of the right type of fertilizer.

People use their lawns for enjoying outdoor activities – alone or with friends and family.  A healthy grass can support them, but it will lose some of its nutrients that will have to be replaced.

You should know that there are lawn fertilizers for different types of soil, as well as for various uses, so it can be a little challenging to figure out the right type of fertilizer for your lawn. Some of them will accelerate the development of the lawn, others will increase grass immunity and there are also fertilizers used for counteracting soil erosion and lawn drying.

A good soil contains various substances such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements. To make sure that your lawn remains green and lush, you will need a nutritious grass fertilizer. The good news is that you will only have to add it during the growing season – typically once in the spring and once in the fall. To support the growth of the grass in the spring, feed it with fertilizer containing higher amounts of nitrogen. In the fall, use a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium to strengthen the lawn for the cold winter months.