During a drought there is a very real danger that your lawn will succumb to excess sunlight, first becoming yellow and then drying out and developing spots where it’s brown and excessively dry. The worse thing that can happen is that some of the grass will die so you’d have to overseed or buy some sod in order to compensate for the empty patches.  You may also find where to buy top dressing for lawns and apply it.


In order to prevent all that, you need to make certain that your lawn receive a consistent amount of water throughout the drought season. Now, this might be a problem if your area doesn’t have enough water during this time and you have to ration it. However, it’s still a good idea to make sure you water the lawn often during the summer – making sure to give it at least about ½ of an inch per week.


You can also do a lot to make sure the water actually gets o the roots properly. Aerating soil that contains too much clay can help. Also, you can consider watering your lawn before the scorching sun gets too far up during mid-day. The best time for watering your lawn is around 7 AM to 10 AM or in the evening, once the sun is close to setting. That way, you won’t have to deal with excess sunlight causing the water to evaporate too quickly.