Outdoor planting garden mix compost

Are you looking to plant your own vegetable garden? Certainly that’s a worthy endeavor, and it might also be a lot of fun. However, as summer is approaching, you will want to know about some of the most popular and easy to grow plants and vegetables that can be planted in the month of June, or as close as possible to the beginning of the summer months:


  • Some of the best plants and veggies you can plant in the month of June are the salad crops that you might have also started planting a few months earlier. These can include lettuce, beet root, pak choi and others.
  • Think of planting various types of beans and peas, including broad, runner and French beans. Also, June is the right month for squash, sweet corn and outdoor cucumbers, as these crops require a little more warmth before they can grow properly.
  • Finally, cabbage, beets and carrots are also crops that can thrive when you plant them in the month of June. They tend to yield a late summer crop, and they don’t require too much work to get them growing (especially cabbage!).


Planting and tending to a vegetable garden in the summer can be a challenge,but with the use of a good garden compost it’s also very rewarding. If you choose to plant at least some of the veggies listed above, you’ll see just how true this statement can be.