buy top dressing for lawn

Some parts of Colorado might occasionally get some heat in summer, but from the point of the view of the most suitable grass varieties, the state is considered to be a cool-season area, with moderate, dry summers and hard, freezing winters. Here are some of the features that you need with the best grass for the area:

  • Drought resistance – Colorado weather can get very dry in summer as well as in winter, so your grass definitely needs to be of a drought-resistant variety, able to survive without water for over a month;
  • Labor-intensity – some grass types require more energy and attention, others are less demanding. However, the varieties that don’t need so much attention are usually not as spectacular as the ones that require more work;
  • Purpose of usage – the grass varieties that work best are different if you want your lawn to look great and different if you need a natural blanket that resists daily wear and tear, find out where to buy top dressing for lawns and apply it to your grass.

The best examples of grass varieties that thrive in Colorado include Kentucky Bluegrass, Buffalo grass, Tall Fescue and Perennial ryegrass. You can look not only for these exact varieties, but also for hybrids that combine the best features of the most recommended grass varieties for your Colorado garden.