Rich Lawn Food

If you want to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn in your yard, besides regular trimming and watering, you must not forget about regular fertilization and apply a good organic lawn food each season. Why is this procedure so necessary?

The repeated lawn mowing a direct effect in the process of plant growth, which means the lawn will need supplements to sustain this growth. Be careful, however, because if the fertilizer is not properly distributed, there will be color differences that may ruin your lawn`s neat and uniform appearance.

Usually the lawn is fertilized three times a year: in spring (March – April), in summer (June – August) and in autumn (September – October). This schedule may vary if you use certain types of fertilizers. An easy fertilization at the beginning of autumn will develop the roots, but not the grass. Fertilization from the middle of spring will ensure both growth and thickening of the grass. You must not fertilize much during the summer, nor use fast-acting fertilizers at the end of spring. The most efficient fertilization is in autumn. Why? – Because the lawn will make a stock of supplements that will help it during the cold season.

Just as humans cannot live without food, neither can plants live without nutrients. Your fertilization plan will be based on soil analysis. Remember that different nutrients can be washed by rainfalls along thee year or consumed entirely by the grass.