Use Richlawn Products Use Less Water

Lawn watering is a task that is easy and tricky at the same time. Failing to pick the best time of the day can have catastrophic effects on your lawn – if you water too late in the morning or when the sun is high up, you risk burning your lawn and if you water when the temperatures start to cool in the evening, you risk to have too much water on your lawn when the first dew drops appear, which may drown your lawn or cause fungal infections to appear.

The best time to water in most geographic areas is in the morning, before 9 or 10 o’clock. Starting your sprinkles or running your garden hose over the lawn in the early morning will allow your lawn to make the most of the moisture, absorbing it into the roots, locking it into the deeper layers of the ground and using it all up gradually.

The amount of water that you use should be adjusted to the weather. If a rainy day is announced in the forecast for the day when lawn watering is scheduled, too, you can reduce the quantity of the water or you can entirely skip the watering session.  The better the lawn care product, the less water that is needed, see