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The best soil for an indoor herb garden must have a few particularities:

  • be strong enough to support the plants
  • having the ability to retain water properly, because too little or too much water leads to rot
  • be aerated and have a good consistency

There are several types of soil for species with different requirements.

  • Garden soil, with a composition of 60% sand, 25% clay, 10% limestone and 5% humus. The percentages vary depending on the geographical area. Garden soil is not the very best for potted plants because it is prone to settling over time, which can have negative effects on the plants. However, this type of soil can be used successfully in larger pots.
  • Muck is the result of the breakdown of an organic material. It can be obtained from: manure, leaves, tree bark or peat. Good quality chicken manure fertilizer muck, chemically balanced, is obtained in a long period of time, approximately 10 years. Muck must be used in combination with other types of soil.
  • Soil mixtures for different plant species. For example, mix for green plants, consisting of sand, peat, garden soil; mixture for cacti and succulents, consisting of peat and pozzolan; mixture for citrus fruits, made of clay soil, peat and tree bark; mixture for orchids, consisting of tree bark, moss and polystyrene balls.