Lawn Maintenance Using Natural Fertilizer

There are many different methods that you can use for taking care of your lawn, but if you want to make sure that your lawn care routine is both efficient and organic, here are some of the best types of products and materials to use:

  • Organic fertilizers – you can either buy your organic natural fertilizer in the nearby garden store or, even better, you can make your own super-efficient fertilizer from the organic waste produced in your household. If you choose bagged products, you can simply buy the compost and spread it on your lawn according to the instructions on the product, but if you choose to make your own material, you will need a little patience – homemade compost takes up to a year to be ready for use;
  • Organic weed control – most lawn owners are struggling continuously to get rid of dandelions and other plants that grow on their turfs. There are various methods to control weeds: you can either pluck the unwanted plants one by one or you can use herbicides to kill them. Synthetic herbicides might be efficient, but they are very harsh on the environment and can contaminate the water, too, so the best solution is to find the most suitable organic herbicide for your turf in the nearby garden store.