grass fertilizer spring time

Instead of chemicals, organic grass fertilizer products are considered the most beneficial when maintaining your lawn. If you use them, you’ll find that you don’t have to worry about weakened grass blades or roots, or problems such as damaged soil composition or situations where the grass roots are unable to get enough nourishment.


The best type of organic product that will help your lawn is organic fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is made from organic products such as manure that comes from herbivores. This type of manure is the best, since it doesn’t contain harmful compounds and microbes that would attack your lawn. That’s the reason why experts never recommend cat and dog (both of which eat meat) excrement which can do more harm than good.


Organic weed killer can also be used to get rid of unwanted weeds. These substances will not harm your lawn, even though they are designed to get rid of some of the most common weeds found among your grass blades.


Finally, slow-release nitrogen based products can provide the necessary nourishment for your lawn without risking to damage it because of the addition of too much nitrogen. These products are the best when you’re dealing with a sensitive lawn that needs extra care.