Pet Friendly Green Lawn Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers do much more than feeding your plants without adding artificial chemicals to your soil – they feed your plants gently, giving them only what they need and at the same time they build your soil’s structure. The soils treated with organic pet friendly lawn fertilizer stay airy and rich, they retain moisture efficiently and they serve as a good home for the insects and microorganisms that are so important for the health of your garden. Here are the best organic fertilizer methods:

  • Applying liquid fertilizers – many organic fertilizers come in liquid form that makes them easy to use. Liquid fertilizers are usually not very harsh, but even so, some of them still need to be diluted. There are two ways to apply the nourishment: by adding it to the roots of your plants through watering or by drenching the roots;
  • Apply dry fertilizers – the organic fertilizers added in solid form provide nutrition for the microorganisms in your soil all summer long. Most products are broadcast on the top of the soil, then the fertilizer is raked or hoed in to the depth of about 6 inches.

Ideally, fertilizers ae added to the soil in spring and in fall, but to be sure that you use your product correctly, follow the instructions on the label or seek professional advice.