EKO Raised Bed Garden MixIn case you are planning to switch to organic gardening, you will certainly not be disappointed by making this choice. Plus, organic gardening can be a really fun experience, if you know how to do it. This gardening approach refers to growing plants in accordance with how nature actually functions.

Regulated by the USDA, the term “organic” refers to a whole bunch of gardening practices, including crop diversity, lack of chemical fertilizers, no GMOs, no herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, and so on. Among the essential tools required we could mention the wheelbarrow, a shovel, a rake, a broad fork, a planting knife, a measuring tape and, most importantly, a watering hose.

It is also very important to carefully plan your garden and use a good organic potting mix for planters. You need to understand the relationship between plants and the climate, and only choose vegetables and fruits that perform best in your specific region. As an example, garlic can resist very low temperatures, whereas tomatoes usually die at the very first freeze. Microclimates should also be taken into account.

Moreover, your garden should be placed in the flattest area on your land. There should be proper drainage and a good amount of sunlight. Ideally, this garden should be close to your tool shed.