Compost Lawn CareComposting is a beautiful concept when it comes to protecting the environment in an effective way. Experts have estimated that if each and every person in the country reused their food scraps and yard waste as compost, about 28% of all that we throw away could be reused without spending anything on fancy recycling equipment.


The idea of composting is to use organic lawn care materials that you no longer need in order to provide added nourishment to your garden. There are two types of compost:


  1. Green compost is composed of vegetable and fruit scraps, as well as grass clippings, coffee grounds and other similar waste. Green compost is mainly responsible for releasing an abundance of nitrogen to feed the soil.
  2. Brown compost is made from dead branches, twigs and leaves, which have the role of adding carbon to your soil.


The best type of compost is the kind that includes both refined and larger particles of a balanced mix of green and brown compost. As long as you can achieve that, you’ll be able to see your garden grow much better and healthier than it did in the past. The cost will not increase, and you won’t have to buy any kind of fancy fertilizer from the store.