Storing Unused Rich Lawn Garden Fertilizer

There are many good reasons why you might want to store old fertilizer. First of all, it can provide you with additional nourishment for your garden that you can use next year. Not only will that help you cut the costs of managing your plants and gardening, but also ensure that you know precisely which type of fertilizer works best – since you still have the label from last year.


Of course, storing fertilizer is no easy feat, especially over the span of an entire year. The temperature differences, the precipitation, the snowfall and many other factors that can come along will easily affect your stored fertilizer if it’s in an open location like a shed or a barn. Overly warm and freezing temperatures as well as increased humidity can be especially damaging, and in some cases, the fertilizer can become unusable after a while.


To make sure your fertilizer is in good condition, consider storing it in a cool, dry place where the temperature doesn’t go below zero or exceed 55 degrees. Moreover, it’s also important to keep it away from areas that can be affected by excess humidity. The basement or the attic can be a good place for it, although the attic might be a little too warm during hot summer days.  Get the best fertilizer at