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Even though the state of Colorado has a rich and beautiful geography and plant life, the soil in the area is mostly clay. Although this isn’t true for the forests that are found on or around the Rockies, most areas where you might buy a house and want to plant a garden will have this problem. Clay-like soil is difficult to work with, since it retains water very easily. As a result, your plants and lawn could easily drown, if you don’t take some measures to get the best compost for garden for ideal soil and transform your existing soil entirely.


Now, in Colorado you have two possible ways of improving your soil. Both cases involve the necessity of also checking the exact consistency of the soil as well as its pH.


In the first method, it’s very simple: you buy bags of rich, organic soil, and you mix it with your existing clay-like soil to obtain an even mixture. Once your work is done, you’ll have to test the soil again to see if it’s good enough.


The second method simply involves adding organic matter over time. Although this method is a long term one, it can also be very effective. Of course, in some cases you will have to mix the compost you add with additional soil that you might purchase, but the results will be similar. As the organic matter of the compost decomposes over time, it will feed and enrich the soil, creating the ripe environment for your future plants to grow.