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Spring is a time of renewal, and for many homeowners that means tending to the old lawn. While you might already have dusted off your lawn mower and tried it out to see if it’s still operational, there will be a long way to go before you even bring it near your lawn. Many if not all the activities below will be very much necessary if you want your lawn to grow properly by the time summer arrives:


  • One of the first thing you need to do is to rake. Spring raking is a great way to clean your garden by removing old, dead leaves and leaving your lawn looking bright and clean.
  • Aerating is another important activity to consider. While aerating is recommended right before winter, the same thing is true for spring as well. When you aerate your lawn, nutrients and water will reach the roots of your grass more easily, which is a very important benefit in this point in time.
  • Overseeding is a great way to feed any barren parts of the lawn where the grass died or where you had to remove it because it was diseased.
  • Pull out all the unsightly weeds that take away the vital nutrients and water that your lawn needs.
  • Finally, consider grass fertilizer organic preferably, watering and mowing your lawn for the first time during the early spring. This way your lawn will grow healthier and more easily throughout the season.