If you’re restless on a nice winter day and want to get outside and get some exercise, take some time and clean up your vegetable garden or perennial beds. Be sure to clean out any debris (like leaves) that could be blocking water from penetrating in to the soil. Its also a good time to add some compost to enrich the soil for next season’s flowers or veggies.

Organic Lawn Care With Compost StartsIdeally for a vegetable garden, you would want to add about 2 inches of compost and turn it in to the existing soil either with a shovel or a tiller. In the case of a perennial bed, lightly sprinkle compost around the plants and gently work it in to the soil with a trowel. EKO and Nature’s Yield Compost are both organic and are available all year at your favorite garden center or box store. Let it sit over the winter months, and you will be off to a great start for your best garden ever in the new year.