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The bulbs should be planted some time in advance of their flowering season. For example, spring flower bulbs should be planted from September to December, to enjoy the flowers in spring. Summer flower bulbs should be planted by the end of May, but only if there is no risk anymore of the soil freezing. In addition, the soil must be aerated and rich in the nutrients that the bulbs need.

Organic fertilizers need about a month to be completely absorbed into the soil so that the plants can get their nutrients. Autumn is the period when the soil must be prepared for the bulbs that will grow next year, so fertilization now is very important and must be done at a depth of 20-25 cm.

Usually, garden soils have too much phosphate, but limited quantities of nitrogen. Deep, organic fertilization is recommended, because nutrients have time to be absorbed during the winter months. It is also recommended to check the soil fertilization level by analyzing a soil sample in the laboratory. This way, you will know exactly what it lacks and what you can do to help your bulbs.

Transplanting bulbs is an operation that may cause stress to plants, so even in this case it is recommended to use organic fertilizers from The Richlawn Company. They are added to the seedling soil and ensure the success of the transplant procedure.