Yes Maybe No Organic Lawn Care Same As Garden

To maximize the health of your lawn or garden, it is essential to choose the fertilizer that suits the specific needs of the plants. Fertilizers are products applied to the soil or sprayed onto the plants above the ground to provide them with the nutrients needed for optimal growth.  Direct fertilizers provide essential nutrients for plants, while indirect fertilizers are typically used to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, making it better for plant development.

There are categories and subcategories of fertilizers. The main types are organic lawn care and inorganic (or chemical). Each type is used according to the needs of the plants.

The lawn and the garden may have similar needs when it comes to fertilizing. Depending on what you grow in the garden, it may also have different needs from those of a simple lawn. For example, compost is suitable as a nutrient for many shrubs, while some flowers and vegetables may need special substances. On the other hand, in the case of a lawn, the pH value of the soil is very important. There are studies revealing that, at a pH value close to 7, you will have the greenest grass.