what should i do slow release fertilizer how it works

One of the main things you need to take into account if you have a garden is the exact type of fertilizer which is most recommended for your specific needs and requirements. While choosing your fertilizer you should consider the climate, the type of soil and other significant details.


Adding a slow release fertilizer is essential for keeping your garden looking nice and healthy. In order for plants to thrive well, to develop well and bear fruit, they need important nutrients. Fertilizers can strengthen the plants’ roots and enable them to hold more water, which is an essential part of their proper growth and resistance in time and against all elements.


Liquid fertilizers can be applied quickly to your lawn and garden and they can also offer a fast response. Among other great benefits of using liquid fertilizer we could mention the fact that it is easy to handle, that it can cover a large area, and so on.


Dry or solid slow-release fertilizers are the ones which release a small quantity of nutrients over a given period of time. By breaking down and decomposing naturally, these fertilizers add nutrients to the soil. Unlike quick releasing fertilizers, slow releasing ones do not pose the risk of burning the plants.