ask the plant doc planting trees in lawn

When you are working on landscaping your property, the exact location for your trees is extremely important. Planting a tree in the middle of a lawn can be both a blessing, and a curse, depending on the exact state of your plants. But if you are dealing with a lawn which already gets too much sunlight, then trees can actually help a lot.

The idea is that if you have a lawn which already gets excessive shade, then you should try planting trees with smaller canopies. You cannot possibly control the exact location for your plants’ roots, and when it comes to trees, this can cause many difficulties, in the sense that you can suddenly notice roots growing through your lawn.

The quality of the soil in your yard is another factor to take into account before deciding if you should plant trees in it, and which trees exactly you should be planting. Having an arborist check the state of your soil before doing the actual planting can be a good way to determine if the trees are going to thrive in your soil. Thus, the soil should have a pH of about 5.5 in order to support the development of trees and bigger vegetation.  For more lawn questions, be sure to talk with for more advice.