Do's and Don'ts Richlawn Company Applying Fertilizer

There are many reasons why you might want to keep your cats away from your lawn. While they don’t mean to cause any harm, they might damage parts of the lawn just by playing, running or chasing insects. Younger cats are playful and can end up damaging your lawn and garden. So if you want to protect your lawn, it’s important to keep them away from it, either using a net or a fence, or natural deterrents such as plants and herbs that cats don’t like.


Cat urine is also a significant issue that has to be mentioned here. Lawns are sensitive to the excess nitrogen in cat and dog urine, and can be severely affected by it. Brown spots will develop in the grass over time, and the affected areas can be very difficult to nurse back to health – though it can be done sometimes by using organic fertilizer and adjusting the soil’s pH. Moreover, if the affected parts of your lawn are not treated in time, they can die out completely, and you’ll have to reseed them or replace them with sod.


It’s important to note that cats can still be trained to stay away from your lawn, even if they’re not as easy to train as dogs. Younger cats can be conditioned to stay away from the lawn if you actively discourage their behavior and teach them to associate something they don’t like with being on the lawn.  Applying safe and effective fertilizer products from can help keep your lawn looking it’s best.