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Fertilizing is usually reserved for spring time, but depending on what you’re growing and where, it might be a good idea to fertilize in the fall as well. Knowing more about your plants, crops and lawn can help you understand exactly when to apply fertilizer and for what.


Some crops and vegetables might grow better in the fall, in which case planting them in the early fall and fertilizing them around that time can make sense. The same goes for lawns when it comes to replanting grass. Starter fertilizer can be used first, and then you can also consider an adequate (usually lower) amount of regular fertilizer depending on how quickly it gets cold in your area.


It’s important to note that the use of fertilizer is not restricted to any particular month or season, especially if you plant cool season crops in the autumn. In such cases, you will be encouraged by experts to use fertilizer properly in the fall, as otherwise your crops or plants will not grow properly.


Of course, the rules still apply of using mainly organic and slow-release fertilizers that will break down over time instead of being washed away whenever you water your plants or lawn. That way, you can ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients will reach the roots of your crops as effectively as possible.  For more information on when to fertilize lawn in Denver seek help from local professionals.