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Fertilizing should be done primarily in the spring, when you plant most of your grass, herbs and veggie seeds. However, some people also prefer to fertilize in the summer. Of course, it’s also a good idea to fertilize before the freeze sets in during the winter, but that’s usually more of a strengthening measure, as the winter fertilizer used in that time is typically only for winter use.


Fertilizing and using the best compost for garden during or before the summer can seem unnecessary, but some plants might actually need it. Those vegetable plants that grow more and more during the summer and can’t get enough nutrients – especially when planted in a soil that isn’t very rich in naturally occurring nutrients – can get sick and even die over time. As a result, you have to consider fertilizing them before that can happen.


Of course, fertilization is far from easy in the summer, and the heat can cause a lot of problems. In fact, in areas where the heat is too strong, most experts will even advise against it. Alternatively, there is a window of opportunity before the summer kicks in or right at the beginning of the month of June, when the nutrients you added in the spring are already gone, and the summer weather is not that hot just yet. During this time, fertilizing with care is possible, as long as you make sure that you don’t overfertilize your soil.