garden expansion compost dripping system


It may be quite challenging to make the most out of your garden, especially if it is small in size. Therefore, in order to save space, one good idea is to build raised beds. A good way to expand your garden is by planting a larger variety of plants, such as flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Some of the basic methods by which you can expand your garden can be that of adequately organizing your garden space and by offering proper watering at the right time. When you want to plant a garden expansion, you need to make sure that the plants can resist well in your area. You should take into consideration important details such as the type of soil, the lighting conditions, and the degree of moisture which is available, and so on. Another good idea would be that of adding a dripping system and a great garden compost. You can rotate crops every year and make use of succession planting, in order to have a regular supply of your favorite veggies.

Growing a container garden can be another proper solution if you want to make your garden seem bigger. Using color to improve your garden from the visual point of view can be yet another good choice.