Richlawn 8-2-1 Organic Fertilizer


Richlawn 8-2-1 Organic is an all season fertilizer, effective spring, summer and fall, providing essential nutrients and trace elements that produce thick, green lawns and deeper, vigorous root systems that help choke out weeds…..Naturally.

Aeration prior to spring and fall applications will help reduce thatch problems. Continual use over several growing seasons improves soil conditions by adding matter which results in a more durable, disease resistant lawn. Water thoroughly after application to ensure soil contact and to activate.

DPW (dehydrated poultry waste), Blood Meal, Feather Meal

Recommended Application Amounts:

Spreader Setting:

Rotary – 12 1/2 lbs./1,000 #6-7
20lbs./1,000 #9-10
Drop –     12 1/2 lbs./1,000 #12-13
20 lbs./1,000 #16-18

Established Lawns:
121/2 lbs/1,000sq ft. 3-4 applications, spring, summer and fall

Thin Weak Lawns:
20lbs./1,000 sq ft. 4-5 applications beginning in spring at monthly intervals.

New Lawns:
Prior to seeding or sodding – 12 1/2 lbs./1,000 sq ft. Rake or till into the top 2-3″ of soil.



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