Lawn Care Richlawn When To Fertilize


As gardening experts might tell you, returning to organic fertilization after using harmful fertilizers on your lawn and garden is no easy feat. Although organic fertilizers are hands down the best types of fertilization compounds used in farming today, you’ll find that you have to take proper care of your contaminated or damaged soil, before you start to plant herbs and flowers or seed grass for your lawn once again.


One of the first things you need to do is to check your soil’s pH and make sure it’s relatively balanced. Although it’s not a problem if the soil is slightly acidic or alkaline, some plants will have great difficulty in growing there, if the value of your soil’s pH is overly high or low.


It may also be important to send samples of your soil to a laboratory to test its composition. Doing so will actually help a lot, since if you know the compounds and minerals that are missing or present in too great a quantity in the soil, you can adjust the composition through adding the right type of manure or slow-release fertilizer, and through the addition of specific organic compounds that might have a “healing” effect on the soil.


Once you’ve taken care of all that, you can start planting and using liquid organic fertilizer to adjust the composition of the nutrients in your soil further, in order to help your new plants and grasses along.  Make sure you know when to fertilize lawn in Denver for best results.