If you own pets and you’re trying to set up a garden, then it’s very important to make sure you can protect your grass fertilizer from your pets. In some cases, grass fertilizer can be ingested by pets that eat grass on a regular basis – such as guinea pigs. On the other hand, some pets may also end up urinating on the grass fertilizer, contaminating it with substances that your garden can do without.


One thing you can do to keep your pets away is to set up a play area that is far away from your garden or lawn, and to set up some grass and plants that would attract your fur babies, either for food or play.  This will allow the lawn food to absorb into the roots to give you a beautiful looking lawn.


To be sure your pets don’t end up on your lawn or in your flower and vegetable gardens by mistake, you can also set up a small fence or an invisible dog fence. However, if you do end up using a dog fence, make sure you read about its effective and safe use with respect to other animals.


Finally, it can also be a good idea to train your animals to urinate and eat at a certain time and in a certain location. Of course, not all animals can be trained as well as dogs, but there are a few techniques that have been known to work on other pets as well.