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Lawn maintenance can be difficult if you’re not aware of the pests that are most likely to hurt your lawn. While preparing your organic lawn pest control solutions and insecticides, make sure you learn as much as possible about the following pests:


  1. Grubs are beetle larvae that come from a variety of scarab beetles. They usually appear in the spring and early fall, and they’ll usually start feasting on your lawn at this time. The grub life cycle leads the beetle larvae to maturity by summer, when female grubs lay their eggs in the soil. These new grubs gradually grow and feed on the grass roots up until the late fall, when they start burrowing into the ground for the winter.  Companies like The Richlawn Company have products that you can apply to stop the grub life cycle.
  2. Cutworms are another type of pest you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Most types of cutworms are about 2 inches in length, and they produce adult moths that are a dull gray color and develop about 6 times each year. You can observe the presence of cutworms primarily during the evening and nighttime. In the day, they shelter into the ground, and in the night they like to feed primarily on short grasses, which are hit hard in most instances.
  3. Sod webworms are larvae that damage your turf and gradually grow into sod webworm moths. As they grow, the worms can reach lengths of about 1 inch, and their color is usually brown or green with dark spots. Sod webworms typically appear 2-3 times per year during the spring and the summer. After being born, it takes them about six weeks to develop into adult moths.