Formula: 12 – 10 – 4 Plus Iron and Sulfur (Also contains Chelated Iron, Blood Meal, and Alfalfa Meal).

  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food provides the primary and secondary nutrients necessary to grow prize winning roses and flowering plants.
  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food is unique in its organic base offering nutrients to your plants while improving the health of your soil.
  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food is Organic Based and fortified with DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste).

Benefits of using Rose & Perennial Food:

Plant Growth

  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food offers the right combination of nutrients to produce large blooms and vivid colors on flowering plants.
  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food feeds your plant the correct balance of nutrients to provide optimum growth conditions for excellent plant health and vigor.


Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food will increase.

  • The number of blooms on flowering plants.
  • The size of blooms.
  • The size overall size of your plant.
  • Overall health and vigor.Amount to Use

Amount To Use

Plant Type Amount to Use How often to use

New Plants

Established Plants

Roses and Flowering Shrubs Add 1 cup per plant mixed thoroughly with amended soil when planting. Apply 1 cup per plant around the base of plant, working into the surrounding soil. Feed once at planting time, or in spring. Apply monthly through August. .
Annuals and Perennials Mix 2 tablespoons per plant into the soil when planting. Apply 4 cups per 100 sq ft. (10’X10′ area). Work into the soil surrounding plants without disturbing roots.. Feed once at planting time, or in spring and once per month through the growing season. Feed established plants once per month through the growing season..
Container Plants 2 tablespoons per plant. 2 tablespoons per plant Feed once at planting time, or in spring and every 6-8 weeks through the growing season.
Water Thoroughly After Applying Fertilizer.
1lb of Gro-Rich Fertilizer = approximately 2 cups.


  • Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food comes in a 15 # resealable package so that it can be used as needed without spilling when not in use.


  • Safe for Children, Pets and the Environment.

For optimum results use with Gro-Rich Garden Soil Mix at planting time.

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