EKO Raised Bed Mix

Suggested Uses for EKO Raised Bed Mix

EKO Raised Bed Garden Mix
This product is specifically formulated for use in: Organic gardens Raised bed gardens and all types of containers.

Recommended Application Amounts:

Bags of EKO Raised Bed Mix Area

5’x4′ 8 inch depth

7 10’x4′ 8 inch depth
13 10’x8′ 8 inch depth

Benefits of Using EKO Raised Bed Mix:

Grow awesome gardens with this great new product. It is 100% organic and contains everything your plants need to be beautiful, strong and healthy.

More About EKO Raised Bed Mix:

Raised bed gardening is rapidly growing in popularity, as an easy and effective way to grow all types of plants with the ease of accessibility. EKO Raised Bed Mix is the ideal product for vegetables, flowers, herbs and any type of plant that you would grow in a raised bed. Save