EKO COMPOST – Organic Compost Soil

EKO Compost by Richlawn - Organic Compost Soil
Suggested Uses For EKO CompostOrganic compost soil for Flowers, Vegetables and Perennials


For seeding a new area roto-till EKO Compost into the top 4″ of your soil. Spread grass seed according to instructions on packaging. Cover the grass seed with approximately 1/4″ of EKO Compost. Keep seed damp until germination occurs, which should be approximately 7-10 days depending on seed variety.

Established Lawns
Spread EKO organic compost for use as a Top Dressing approximately 1/8″ thick across your lawn. Water. See EKO Top Dressing for a product that has all of the same benefits, and is screened to a smaller size for easier top dressing applications

Mix EKO Compost thoroughly into your existing soil at a ratio of 1 part EKO Compost to 2 parts native soil.

Trees and Shrubs

When planting or transplanting trees and shrubs after the dirt has been removed from the desired planting location, place EKO Compost in the bottom of the hole to a 2″ depth. Place your tree or shrub in the prepared area. Mix 1 part EKO Compost with 2 parts native soil and fill in around the root ball of the plant.

Apply water to the area around the original root ball. Add more soil mix to fill in any low areas.

Recommended Application Amounts:

Bags of EKO Compost           Area     Depth to Apply
2 10’x10′ ¼”
4 10’x10′ ½”
8 10’x10′ 1″

Benefits of Using EKO Compost:

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you have no doubt encountered our hard clay soil. If you are making pottery, it is ideal. If you’re growing plants – not so much. That is where using EKO Compost can be a great benefit to you and your plants. EKO Compost is 100% organic. It loosens hard packed soil and adds billions of micro-organisms which keep the soil “alive”. Micro-organisms are an important part of the composting process. Micro-organisms convert carbon into energy for their own growth. They recycle the nutrients from decaying material into their own bodies and eventually back into the soil. Your plants use the nutrients stored in the micro-organisms for food, and the process begins again. EKO Compost is the top selling compost in Colorado for a reason, and the reason is, it is a uniquely Colorado product, and it works!!


  • More About EKO Compost:

EKO Compost has a high carbon:nitrogen ratio. (approximately 19:1)

The carbon to nitrogen ratio is important in determining how easily bacteria can decompose organic matter.

The micro-organisms in compost use carbon for energy and a nitrogen source for protein synthesis.

Salt Content
The salt content as measured by independent labs is 2.7. This is considered a low salt content according to university standards.

High salt content soils can wither plants, resulting in decreased plant growth.

The pH of EKO Compost as measured by independent lab analysis is 7.2. This is considered to be a neutral pH level. High pH is considered to be alkaline, and low pH is considered to be acidic.

If the pH of your soil is out of balance, it can decrease the growth of your plant, and can negatively affect the absorption of nutrients by plants.

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Garden Compost For Sale

When it comes to compost applications on your yard in Denver, the possibilities are endless. When it comes to sustainable landscape design for Denver residents, compost is extremely useful. The pH of your soil may be improved by adding organic matter from the yard, such as compost. Compost has also been observed to improve the nutrient content of your soil. Richlawn offers compost for landscaping services in the Denver metro area that go above and beyond to help you get the most out of your gardening work. When it comes to garden compost in Denver, we have the skills and understanding necessary to provide only the finest for your property.

Main Types of Fresh Compost

  • Chicken Manure: This is one of the most used types of compost for gardeners. It has a high nitrogen to carbon ratio and acts as a good soil amendment, especially in lighter soils.
  • “Regular” compost: It’s a type of compost that contains a wide variety of materials, including food scraps, mixed in a compost pile or long windrows. Most of the breakdown is done by microorganisms.
  • Mushroom compost: It’s rarely a good compost. Yes, it is organic matter, but it has most likely been sterilized, eliminating the microbes. The nutrients that were removed by the mushrooms were also lost. If they were non-organic mushrooms, there may even be pesticide residue in there.

Choosing the type of compost can make a big difference on how your garden, lawn, or trees perform during the growing season. At Richlawn, we have a great selection of different compost options, and before you buy compost from us you will know exactly what ingredients are in it. We will also make sure it is applied properly, depending on if you’re using it in raised beds, grass, or even applying mulch after. We sell bagged compost, as well as bulk compost bags and other landscaping materials.

Compost Buying Tips in the Denver Area

  • Bags of compost are available for sale. This is suitable for a small garden or container gardening. Buying in bulk compost, on the other hand, is much less expensive. Typically, you buy compost in cubic yard measurements.
  • It should not smell bad when you buy compost; it should smell pleasant, not like trash. It’s not finished if it smells like ammonia.
  • It should not contain trash – this should be simple – but it shouldn’t be full of waste. You don’t even want small amounts of trash or other ingredients that aren’t organic. This can impact your garden a lot.
  • When shopping for certified organic compost, it should look and feel like dark, moist, fluffy soil. If you can still see several of the raw components, it’s not yet finished. If it contains wood chips, that material may be used as a mulch, but it’s probably not ideal for composting.
  • When buying, you most often want you purchased compost to be entirely composted rather than mixed with soil. There are times when you may want to add compost and soil, such as if you’re constructing a raised bed or changing the soil grade. But for the most part, you’ll just need compost for your landscaping project.

Give us a call today! We’d be happy to help you with your compost or landscaping project in the Denver area!

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