Suggested Uses For Earth Essentials Top Soil

Earth Essentials Top Soil may be used to fill in low spots in lawns. Simply place the product in the low areas. If there was no existing grass, add grass seed prior to using Earth Essentials Top Soil. Follow directions on grass seed packaging.

Flowers, Vegetables, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs
Adding Earth Essentials Top Soil to any existing soil will improve the soil. Top Soil has traditionally been used as an all purpose amendment.

The Richlawn Company recommends specific products that will have better performance in bedding plant and other areas. See other products in this website for specific information.

Recommended Application Amounts:

Bags of Earth
Essentials Top Soil


4 10’x4′
8 10’x8′

Benefits of Using Earth Essentials Top Soil:

Due to its unique ingredients, using Earth Essentials Top Soil, you can expect the following results:


  • Increased root growth and top growth of grass blades
  • Appearance of new growth, as grass blades rhizome out and create new grass blades, thickening your turf
  • Improves soil structure
    • Earth Essentials Top Soil provides the soil with organic matter which will:
      • Increase the fertility of the soil
      • Make nutrients more available to plants
      • Improve drainage of heavy clay soils
      • Increase the moisture retention of the soil
  • Earth Essentials Top Soil will slowly release nutrients to your plants.

Flowers, Vegetables and Perennials

  • Increased root growth and foliage growth of plants
  • Darker green foliage
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Increases the availability of nutrients to your plants

Trees and Shrubs

  • Increased root growth and top growth
  • Better transition for planting and transplanting trees and shrubs
    • Less shock
    • Quicker adaptation
    • Established root growth sooner

More About Earth Essentials Top Soil:

Earth Essentials Top Soil is a premium Top Soil. Earth Essentials Top Soil contains compost, bark fines and soil. Earth Essentials Top Soil is a thoroughly composted product which helps eliminate weeds, seeds and other pathogens that may be present in other amendments.

The Richlawn Company encourages you to open a bag of our Earth Essentials Top Soil and compare it to similar products available. We are confident that you will find these products to be the best available.

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