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Tested and proven on thousands of homeowners lawns, sod farms, commercial facilities, and golf courses across the United States, there is a Richlawn Fertilizer that meets the needs of your lawn.

Made with DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste), these fertilizers not only green your lawn, they improve disease resistance, reduce watering requirements, decrease thatch, and improve the soil structure of your yard.

Gro-Rich Products

Gro-Rich Products are specialty fertilizers and soils designed to meet the needs of Gardeners.

Our unique fertilizers are organic based with trace elements designed to enhance the production of flowering and vegetable plants.

These products are designed to be easy to use and offer consistent beneficial results

Grass Seeds

Richlawn grass seed blends are formulated by turf experts, with Colorado climate and soil conditions in mind. Both of our seed mixes will flourish in the home landscape as well as athletic fields and open areas.

EKO Products

The original EKO Compost was developed in 1977 for use in vegetable and flower gardens, new lawns, landscaping beds, and the planting of trees and shrubs.

EKO products help promote rich organic soil, vigorous root growth, water infiltration and drainage, and PH balance. EKO improves the soil’s physical, chemical and biological health.

EKO is rich in trace minerals, organic matter, and billions of beneficial microbes that will provide greener grass, more vibrant color of flowering plants, better tasting and larger vegetables, and overall healthier plants. EKO products are used by professional growers for their growing needs to produce the best plants available.

EKO products are used by professional growers, nurseries, botanic gardens, and universities.

Please try all of the EKO family of products.

Nature’s Yield

Nature’s Yield products were developed with the true gardener in mind. These products are all premium quality, designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating customer, sold exclusively at independently owned garden centers.

Nature’s Yield products are made with unique ingredients designed to improve soil conditions, increase moisture retention, and provide maximum yields. Nature’s Yield products will also produce more vibrant colors in your flowers, better tasting, bigger vegetables, and foliage plants with deeper greens, more vivid colors, and healthier plants.

Try all of the Nature’s Yield Products and watch your plants grow!

Earth Essentials

Earth Essentials products were developed in response to consumer requests for Top Soil, Cow & Compost, and Sheep Manure, combined with Cow manure and peat, that focused on quality.

These products are the highest quality of this type of soil amendment available in the market place today. Please try a bag of any one of these products, and you will find them to be superior to similarly named products under other labels.

Second Harvest Mulch

Second Harvest Brand Mulches are made from recycled wood products, that would otherwise be in a landfill. It is ground to a uniform size which is appealing for a mulch product. It is then dyed with a color-fast organic colorant.

  • This provides a colorful ground cover that is safe for plants, pets and children.
  • Second Harvest Mulch will outlast traditional bark products and maintain its color for years.
  • Second Harvest Mulch is the colorful, economical alternative to traditional bark products.

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