Organic Liquid vs Solid Best Fertilizer For Grass

Perhaps you are looking for the best fertilizer for grass, and are not sure whether you should choose organic liquid or solid fertilizer. It is essential to understand the differences between these two categories before making your decision.

Liquid fertilizers, as their name suggests, are under the liquid form. Here we could also include fish fertilizers, composted tea and kelp-based fertilizers. Solid fertilizers include alfalfa, manure, compost, etc. You can go for dry fish fertilizer which you can dissolve in water before using it. Fish fertilizer is nothing but ground up fish and has many good properties, too. Packaged manure can be used to make a sort of manure tea which, again, can have an amazing effect on your garden.

No matter the exact form, organic fertilizers are tremendously good for the soil, enriching it with vital elements. They also offer a slow feed for the plants and are generally considered the better option, not only by people who are into protecting the environment, but for professional gardeners also.

Liquid fertilizers certainly do their thing faster than their solid version. Nutrients are directly applied to the leaves of the plants and are, therefore, more quickly absorbed.