Organic Garden And Lawn Food Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are the best option for your garden and lawn food too, whether it is a classic garden, or just pots and windows boxes on your terrace or balcony; actually, all the more so in the latter case.

Plants are constantly searching for the nutrients they need most, such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and the earth where they are grown, cannot always provide everything they need. For this reason it is recommended to fertilize it while the plants grow and not when they reach maturity, for a lasting and visible effect.

The best organic fertilizer for your flowers can be easily purchased from a great company like Richlawn. Some people decide to do all the extra work of making their own fertilizer at home by storing your household organic waste in a box outside the house. Not in any box, but in one that allows for natural ventilation, because oxygen and humidity are essential in the process of decomposing organic waste. You also have to add dried ingredients (sawdust, dry leaves) and wet or green ingredients, such as mowed grass, food scraps, egg shells, coffee beans, weeds, molasses, or banana peels. Each of these ingredients may be a good natural fertilizer even if it is used separately.