Choosing The Right Fertilizer

Colorado soil in most parts of the state consists of clay or sand, with very low contents of minerals and organic matter. If untreated, the harsh environment is not suitable for cultivating lush vegetation or for growing sensitive cultures, but with the right type of fertilizers, Colorado soil can be transformed into nutrient-rich home for your plants, you just have to know when to fertilize lawn in Colorado climates. Here are the ingredients to look for when you shop for the best fertilizer:

  • Nitrogen – essential for most plants and available in very low quantities in Colorado soil, nitrogen can be efficiently supplemented with fertilizers. However, to make the most of your cultures, find out exactly how much nitrogen they need and look for a fertilizer that contains the element in the right concentration;
  • A balanced composition that adds a variety of nutrients – some plants do not respond well to fertilizers that contain mostly nitrogen because they need other elements as well. Balanced fertilizers add iron, phosphorus and other microelements that balance the pH level of the soil and allow plants to access and absorb nutrients;
  • Organic matter – natural fertilizers, such as poultry waste and compost will feed your plants exactly the right amount of nutrients and will also add fiber and other organic components to sandy and muddy Colorado soils.